Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Granny Squares for a new friend

This is so amazing ......

I was looking for a border for my triangular granny shawl and found this blog. I always tend to read what other bloggers like, write about, etc and I always find something new to learn. I got really excited about 'The Masterpiece' and was ohh so happy when 'the snail of happiness' gave me a chance to be part of the project.

So I started looking for unique patterns.... I wanted to make something new. But I knew I wanted to make flowers.

Kate's blog has this amazing pictorial tutorial that helped me understand Squaring the big circle. So when I had to increase the size of a square I added the last row according to this tutorial.

Materials Used : 4 ply acrylic yarn, 4.5 mm hook
The first square was a pink flower.
But I couldn't stop at one, so made another one in orange....

I found the pattern here. The flowers look so beautiful! I know I'm going to make more of these but I still have to figure out where to use them. :-D

The second pattern is by Donna Mason-Svara. These squares look so beautiful when made using 2 or 3 colors.
But I used scraps left over from the blanket that I had made for my baby girl. 
I could have made this one better...  :-(

Now I know I goofed up. My square doesn't look like the pattern. ;-) You can find the pattern here.......

The white flower in the centre looks much much better in 2-3 bright colors. I referred to this blog for the tutorial

 This cute and simple pattern is by Debi.
 I have added a row of Dcs to increase the size of the square. 

This last square..... I couldn't find the pattern for this one, but it looked so good. So one day, I spent every spare moment staring at it till I understood how to make it :-D
If I manage to find a free pattern written by someone I will add a link here. If not then maybe I will try to write it myself.

I definitely hadn't planned on making so many, but it took so long to mail the squares that I kept adding to the parcel :-D
Finally hubby dearest managed to find the time to mail them!
So isn't this amazing? Sitting in my little home I read about this project, I get a chance to be part of this project, I learn new patterns put up by these wonderful human beings around the world and now these squares from India are a part of a project in the UK.
Thank you, 'the snail of happiness' for giving me this opportunity to be part of this wonderful project!

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